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Everything wants to be connected. Great ideas expand the magic of the ordinary. They are only leveraged with the relevant tools.

Connect Everything

With the rise of the Internet of Things, people get more control over their environment. This reduces bottlenecks and makes progress appears faster. Machines and algorithms offer more security and a broader vision through data analysis.

Privacy & Security by Default

Internet is a tool for the emancipation of the mind, not for surveillance. Even if they want to share personal informations, we have to protect our users and their data. Trust and security will able them to merge seamlessly with the new technological era.

Better Companies

I find that a new company is the best tool to build change. Of course, failures happen. But through success a few individuals can redefine organizations, create new culture and invent a better future.

Connect Everyone

When they are connected together, people build new organizations and share more. Connectivity should now be universal. Networking infrastructures are the cheapest way to bring help and knowledge to remote places. And it doesn't even have to be Internet.

Embrace the Singularity

Once everything is connected, the new technological era will challenge the status quo in the blink of an eye. The coming evolution will permit the rise of a new human, capable of change on a massive scale.

Visit Earth

Technology makes everything easier and more productive. Now we can enjoy the best years of our lives discovering and chasing excitement. Also, traveling gets cheaper everyday.


I code with Drupal, Laravel and Meteor, make with Arduino and RaspberryPi, and thrive with lean startups, agile teams and continuous integration.


This PHP framework is perfect for complex and secure websites. Organizations love it as much as individuals. The latest version makes it so easy to build smart API backends. I love how I can fully customize it to fit the needs of my clients, who in turn love the powerful back office.


A brilliant and modern full-stack Javascript framework. Build your real-time application once and release it on all devices. I use it for fast prototyping and to build awesome applications.

Software Engineering

I take pleasure in architecting the whole application. I am well versed in the issues with security, availability, continuous integration and smart dev-ops. I can help you deal with hosting, cloud computing and containers.

Internet of Things

If your idea is to make the next big thing, I can help you prototype it ! I work with Raspberry Pi and Arduino to make your objects alive. A little bit of electronic engineering, radio chips for WiFi, Bluetooth or NFC, some Bluetooth LE beacons, and the world becomes better connected. Which is good.


When you don't give me a job to do, I spend time on my own companies. I'm very happy to help you build your own too.

A winning startup has a futuristic vision and a strong engineering team to back it up. I work with agile development to make teams show impressive progress and I build lean startups following a business model canvas and backing every hypothesis with customer development. And you can do it too !


I'm a freelance web engineer, but I've also built a few projects and companies whenever the opportunities arose.


I travel around the world but you can always find me somewhere.
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